5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Yacht In Cannes

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Yacht In Cannes

Keeping the glamorous appeal, glittering charm and allure from 1950, Cannes is considered a yachting haven. This beautiful city is surrounded by rugged cliffs, rolling hills, and streaming rivers. Offering a perfect balance between extravagance outings, luxury and natural beauty, this amazing town celebrates their rich past daily. 

In addition to this, various prestigious events are hosted each year, like International film festivals in this amazing town. From the golden sand of the coastline to Estrel’s red hills, this city is a shelter to various natural and beautiful landscapes. A yacht rental Cannes lets you explore this amazing part of the French Riviera properly. The Cannes film festival yacht rental makes you feel that you are in a film set as you drift along the amazing coastlines. 

Top Reasons To Rent a Yacht in Cannes

Cannes is considered the glamorous yachting destination and experience on board luxury. It is the hub of various breathtaking views, beach clubs, restaurants, events, and many more.

That’s why people choose Cannes as their holiday destination to make unforgettable memories. Here are some reasons that why you should rent a yacht in Cannes:

The French Riviera Is The Home Of The Yacht Industry

The era of luxury yachting began on the French Riviera in the 19th century. This sunny and sleepy Riviera was found by the high society and European royals, who sailed their wooden yachts near the coast. So, if you also want to experience the amazing view and sail along the coast, then you go for yacht rental Cannes

One of the major reasons to go for a daily yacht rental is that you can visit all the adjoining tourist attractions through a short boat journey. You can head east from Cannes to explore the amazing bays near Saint Jean Cup or swim in the crystal water in the coves.

Breathtaking Scenery

As you sit on the yacht’s deck, you can witness the breathtaking landscape with unique beauty. In Cannes, the ground hotels and skyscrapers add more charm while sailing the yacht. You can explore all the attractions and get the advantage of the watersports on your luxury yacht rental Cannes

All the luxury yachts feature premium facilities and amenities along with onboard swimming pools and spas. The majestic belle and international film festivals dominate over the stylish beach clubs of Cannes. 

A Home To A Good Life

With yacht rental Cannes France, you can dine, shop, spa, and party at the amazing locations. You can spend your morning in the top-class boutiques in Saint Tropez or Cannes. Furthermore, you can explore the colourful Antibes’ market or purchase some artwork from artisan studios. 

You can have a delicious lunch sitting on a terrace overlooking the sea coast and feel the sea breeze on your face. You can indulge yourself in the pampering sessions along with breathtaking sea views, or you may enjoy an exclusive massage on the yacht.

300 Summer Days

Cannes is the place that features an impressive 300 days of sunshine in a year, along with a plethora of beautiful beaches. This is the reason that it attracts endless holidaymakers every year. 

The amazing sea coast is also known for its warm breezes that pass through Cannes’s sandy beaches. Also, the vitamin D present in sunlight benefits humans in various ways, such as it aids weight loss and reduces blood pressure. Hence, a yacht Cannes rental trip can really be the one that your doctor has ordered.

The Delicious Food of Cannes

It is true that no trip is complete without exploring the different foods of the holiday destination. And Cannes is popular for its fresh seafood, and it is a paradise for foodies. With yacht rental Cannes, you may visit the various seafood restaurants like Palme d’Or to try the delicious seafood.

A yacht charter is undoubtedly the perfect way to chill on the Mediterranean coast with security and comfort while ignoring the heavy tourist crowd in the summer. So, it is best to go for a yacht rental to make your holidays memorable.

Pricing Guide for Yacht Charters in Cannes

You can hire any type of yacht on rent in Cannes. From Catamarans, sailboats, semi-rigid to yacht rentals in Cannes, every boat is available. Usually, the yachts are rented along with a captain. At the same time, the luxury yacht rental Cannes comes with a crew. You can discuss the included extras and essentials with the owner. 

The overall yacht rental Cannes price may vary based on the size and type of the boat, the equipment available, its capacity to hold the guests and many more. For sailboat rentals, the price begins at around 180€ for a day. The rental fee may depend on the owners and the type of boat you are selecting. 

On average, the rent for a speedboat begins at around 100€ per day. In comparison, the rent for Catamaran is around 1000€/day during the low season, along with the captain. In the peak season, it may cost around 2794€/day. 

Also, it is important to keep in mind that various boats, especially yachts and catamarans, are only provided for weekly rentals. Before booking a yacht Cannes rental, you may contact the owner and confirm through text message. 

Yacht Charter French Riviera

If you are looking for an amazing destination, then the South of France is one of the places that you can not miss. Whether you want to visit France for Provence’s lavender fields or for the French Riviera’s turquoise waters, you will surely get a reason to involve this area in your vacation trip. 

The French Riviera has grabbed the souls and hearts of the yachting crowds. Known for its sun-kissed lifestyle and cosmopolitan culture, the gem of the Mediterranean provides various opportunities from dropping anchor, exploring towns along the shoreline to spots for designer shopping. With the help of yacht rental Cannes France, you can experience all of the above-mentioned things.

This destination is a paradise and is an ideal anchorage to enjoy a fun holiday loaded with opportunities to witness heavenly landscapes. You can get the advantage of being in the South of France with yacht Cannes rental

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