Sanlorenzo Charter : Benefits of Chartering a Yacht On The French Riviera

Sanlorenzo Charter : Benefits of Chartering a Yacht On The French Riviera

The shoreline of the French Riviera has all the things that one looks for while being on vacation. Be it 5-star hotels, palm trees, exclusive boutiques, casinos, luxury villas, everything is available for rent near the amazing coastline. This location has been preferred by the famous and rich who don’t want to compromise with perfection.

From the old port to the grandness of Monaco, a Sanlorenzo yacht along the coast will allow you to experience a lot of things that you have never seen before. 

Advantages of Hiring Sanlorenzo Yacht in French Riviera

There are various benefits of chartering a yacht in the French Riviera. A few of them are listed below:

You can Flaunt at Billionaires Row

In Billionaires Row (short name of harbours in Antibes), the superyachts are assembled together in a row. Mostly Monaco and Cannes host the maximum number of boats. You can mix with the famous and rich as you can inspect each other’s yachts. So, it is a chance to flaunt your Sanlorenzo yacht along with the features of the ones who are sailing nearby. 

You May Witness The Various Picturesque Views

Monaco is a place that is filled with glamorous skyscrapers and luxury hotels. The rocky coastline takes you to Cap Ferrat, where the beach clubs and blue-green seas are attracting crowds. Besides this, you will notice the various amazing spots and palm trees along the coastlines while being in your Sanlorenzo yacht.

Get benefit of the Mediterranean using water toys

Usually, Sanlorenzo yachts come with a choice of water toys like floating pools, rib boats, jet skis to let you enjoy more while onboard. Apart from this, you can simply dive in the crystal clear water. With a lot of sunshine all year round, the French Riviera is among the perfect locations for your holidays.

There Is No Better Thing Than Voiles De Saint-Tropez Views

The annual regatta attracts both classic and modern Sanlorenzo yachts that compete in the famous race. There is no need to be a participant to witness the amazing view. You can just lounge in your rental yacht’s deck to enjoy the events.

During the annual film festival, Cannes is always overflowing with visitors, which makes it hard to get a hotel room or home for rent. But with Sanlorenzo yacht charter, head to the town for the festival and return to your yacht at night. Besides the long guest list and festival, Cannes is an amazing place filled with stunning shopping, dining, and nightlife. 

You Can Have Multiple Experiences 

The main reason for renting a Sanlorenzo yacht is that you can explore multiple towns which you might not explore otherwise. You can dine and shop in one town and move to another town to get a relaxing spa, then head to third to enjoy yourself in the famous nightclubs.

Pricing Guide for Sanlorenzo Yacht  

Sanlorenzo is one of the yacht manufacturers that offers around 263 Sanlorenzo boats for sale, including used yachts and new vessels. The prices vary from model to model based on the type, size, and other amenities. If you are looking for a Sanlorenzo yachts sale, you must be thinking about the inclusions in the boat price. Generally, the prices for new boats online may vary depending on the dealers. The overall price of the yacht includes the operational and maintenance charges. There are various components like operating costs, ongoing improvement and annual maintenance, insurance, and dockage that are involved in the overall cost of boats. 

The base price of the Sanlorenzo boats for sale includes all the standard specifications except for the additional options. While shopping for boats, you may ask for a list so that you can know the details like weather protection, electronics, covers, etc. Well, the overall cost will depend on the above-mentioned things. Buying a boat is not very complicated. You can simply share the requirements and specifications with the dealers, and that’s it your work is done. Also, if you consider discounts, there are some manufacturers offering different discounts based on the margins. So, you can have words with them to understand the entire price structure before buying. 

Used Sanlorenzo Yacht For Sale

If we talk about the used yachts, they are comparatively less complicated than buying new Sanlorenzo yachts. The listing made for that boat will offer you a great idea about the features that you will get while purchasing. New boats usually cost more, but the old boats can also price the same due to their size or additional features. 

The most important thing is to visit dealers like us to discuss your needs and budget in order to get the best options. Sanlorenzo boats for sale are available at a range of prices starting from $158, 599 for the moderate models. The cost for the more luxurious and sophisticated models is around $29, 627, 426. Some of the famous Sanlorenzo models that are available for sale include SL88, SL82, 72, and more. 

For the exact figures and other details related to the Sanlorenzo yachts sale, you may concern our sales team. 

Details of the Sanlorenzo Yacht Charter

The Sanlorenzo yachts are specially designed to hold around twelve guests. These award-winning Sanlorenzo yachts come with attractive interior styling along with a launchpad to experience adventures. The Sanlorenzo yachts are available with us at very competitive prices.

The premium interior designs, along with a unique upper deck sky lounge, provide a perfect vibe. It also features outdoor LED lighting that provides the deck spaces with a fun and funky feel, just like the exclusive clubs. A viewing table is also an ideal spot for sundowners where they can enjoy the sunlight. Also, the Sanlorenzo yachts come with a huge choice of water toys that contain Limo Lender, Seabobs, and Jetskis. The jet skis will provide you with more control and power on the water. If it’s not enough, then it also comes with paddle boards, wakeboards, and snorkelling equipment based on your budget.

Additional Features Of Sanlorenzo Yachts

Apart from this, you will get a plethora of amenities to keep you busy, like pools and well-equipped gyms to work out and retain your fitness routine. Whatever the activities you are doing on your charter, you will get some amazing features like Wifi-connectivity that will let you stay in touch with your loved ones all the time. It is assured that you remain comfortable despite the weather conditions during the entire journey.

We offer you and your guests an ideal platform to enjoy your luxury yacht and make your trip unforgettable. Make sure to enquire before planning your trip about the availability of the cruise in order to avoid disappointments.

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