Riva - Timeless Italian Excellence in Yacht Building

Riva – Timeless Italian Excellence in Yacht Building

Riva : an Italian icon in the world of luxury yacht construction for over a century. Riva is synonymous with timeless elegance, cutting-edge innovation, and an unwavering passion for the art of navigation. Explore our rich history, exquisite craftsmanship, and exceptional yachts that embody the spirit of Italy on the water.


1842 – Foundation and Beginnings: Riva’s story begins in 1842 when Pietro R.iva, a skilled carpenter, opens his shipyard on the shores of Lake Iseo, Italy. The company initially focuses on crafting small wooden boats.

1950s – Emergence of Excellence: Under the leadership of Serafino R.iva, the third generation of the family, the company diversifies into crafting wooden yachts. The Riva Tritone model, launched in the 1950s, becomes a symbol of style and luxury.

1960s – The Fiberglass Era: The company pioneers the use of fiberglass in yacht construction. Iconic models like the Riva Aquarama achieve immense popularity.

Prestigious Collaborations: The shipyard collaborates with internationally renowned designers such as Carlo R.iva, Mauro Micheli, and Officina Italiana Design to create yachts with refined and timeless designs.

Diverse Product Range: The company offers a varied range of yachts, from sporty models to luxurious cruising yachts, all characterized by superior quality and exceptional attention to detail.

Worldwide Reputation: Riva yachts are recognized worldwide for their elegant design, outstanding performance, and unparalleled build quality. They have been cherished by celebrities and personalities around the globe.

Continued Innovation: Today, Riva continues to be at the forefront of innovation, incorporating the latest technologies while preserving the company’s timeless heritage.

Explore our fleet of exceptional yachts and discover how Riva continues to redefine the luxury yachting experience.

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