Luxury Charter Yacht Luisamay: A True Pleasure To Sail On

Luxury Charter Yacht Luisamay: A True Pleasure To Sail On

Are you aware of yachts and especially about Luisamay? If not, this article will help you learn about the yachts, how you can enjoy your vacations, and many more. 


  1. What is a Yacht?
  2. Types of Yacht
  3. Luisamay Yacht
  4. Design of Luisamay Yacht
  5. Features of Luisamay Yacht
  6. Areas covered by Luisamay Yacht
  7. Water sports activity
  8. Conclusion 

What is a Yacht?

A sailing or motorised vessel used for leisure, sightseeing, or competing is a yacht. Because there is no official definition, the word refers to vessels with a dormitory and facilities that allow for nighttime use. A recreational vessel referred to as a yacht rather than a boat is likely to be at least 10 metres long and has been assessed to have excellent visual features. According to several sailors, a yacht is a sort of sea watercraft used only for leisure or enjoyment purposes, such as sailing, partying, water activities, fishery, or year-round lodgings.

Types of Yacht 

There are different types of yachts based on their features, such as:

  1. The wind and sails primarily power a sailing yacht.
  2. One or more engines carry a Motor yacht.
  3. A Hybrid yacht featuring both sailing and turbines is known as a gulet yacht.
  4. Spacious Sailboat, Clipper, Cabin Cruiser, and Express Cruiser is a conventional yacht for cruising and partying otherwise uncategorized.
  5. A Premium boat has elevated finishes and features and the most up-to-date performance technology. The word “premium” can be used to describe any boat, such as “luxury motor yacht,” “luxury sailing yacht,” and so on.
  6. A Sports yacht is designed for fishing, water sports, or cruising with a sharper shape and a much stronger motor to allow for higher cruising speeds. The term ‘sports’ can also describe other sorts of yachting, such as “electric sports yacht.”

Luisamay Yacht 

Do you want to embark on the most remarkable journey of your life? Visit the Luisamay ship at least once in your life because it is a gorgeous yacht specifically designed by Falcon Yachts, a well-known Italian business. The Luisamay yacht provides the highest level of service to its guests and employees. This yacht can accommodate up to 5 crew members, ensuring that you and your guests get the most out of your charter holiday.

The boat Luisamay is ideal for special events. It has a big balcony which offers plenty of chances for fun and entertainment, and it’s a great place to enjoy on special occasions with the whole family or a big crowd. Experience your party yacht rental abroad Luisamay with full facilities and a VIP crew who will attend to your very own wish. You’ll fall in love with every inch of this boat when you step onboard. Visitors will immediately feel at ease, thanks to the magnificent exteriors created by Falcon and the lush interiors that exude comfort and elegance.

Design of Luisamay Yacht 

Falcon Yachts Service, a marine engineering firm, was included in the mechanical ship construction for Luisamay. Her interior design was done by Falcon Yachts. This company was also responsible for the yacht’s overall design. The vessel was designed by Falcon Yachts and manufactured in Italy’s well-known watercraft building nation. A modest area is achieved with about 6m feet larger diameter. This yacht has a 2.2m maximum depth and a deep draught. Built the motor yacht out of composite material. The superstructure of a yacht is built of composite material, which covers the body.

Features of Luisamay Yacht

  • Luisamay has a size of 31.50 metres, a maximum draught of 2.20 metres, and a gamma-ray is 6.50 metres.
  • The body and deck of this yacht are made of GRP.
  • Falcon Yachts designed her exterior.
  • Falcon Yachts designed the naval architecture for Luisamay.
  • The maximum speed of this yacht is 27 mph. A twin-screw propeller mechanism is used to propel her.
  • Luisamay is a Falcon Yachts bespoke motorized yacht launched in 2007 and was quite recently renovated in 2018.
  • Luisamay yacht provides 12 luxury rooms, including 3 double or 2 twin beds.
  • The consuming fuel capacity of this yacht is 500 l/hr.
  • This yacht includes a bar and laundry facilities for its guests at an affordable price.
  • This yacht is fully equipped with air conditioners.

Areas covered by Luisamay Yacht 

The motor yacht Luisamay  is headquartered on the Amalfi Coast and offers charters to France, Monaco, and Italy, where the most popular sailing places, experiences, history, and gourmet await discovery. Luisamay allows you to enjoy the wonderful surroundings, the waterways, and the magnificent destinations while being fit and active onboard.

Luisamay is a lovely boat that mixes water sports with comfort and luxury. Relax and unwind while cruising through the Mediterranean Sea.

Water Sports Activity

Along with the features mentioned above, this yacht also provides lots of water sports activities for different age groups such as water board, water ski, snorkelling, sea bob, jetski, jet surf, and tender, which have an engine of 40hp. All these water sports activities are done under the supervision of our experts. In most of the activities, one person can participate at one time, but in tender water activity, around 6 people can do the activity simultaneously. 

Complementary services provided by Motor Yacht Luisamay

  1. Luiamay yacht provides you with 2 umbrellas.
  2.  2 electric scooters.
  3. 2 paddle boots. 
  4. Water ski activity to one adult and one child.
  5. Area for playing volleyball.
  6. Three rubber rings for swimming in the sea. 
  7. They also provide 4 Sunbeds for relaxing and having fun.
  8. Adults can also enjoy free wakeboard activities.
  9. You can also enjoy watching television in your room, and also it is connectable with an apple as well as android devices. 


Luisamay Yacht is the best option for families and friends to enjoy their vacations as it provides various activities and a luxurious feeling. Rather than hiring a cruise or speedboat, you should prefer Luisamay Yacht as it has lots of features, which are already stated above. This yacht also provides some free services to visitors for both adults and children. So, this yacht has every feature which everyone wants in their vacations. 

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