Ferretti : A Pioneer in Luxury Yacht Construction

Ferretti : A Pioneer in Luxury Yacht Construction

Ferretti shipyard, a renowned name in the luxury yacht construction industry. History, achievements, innovation, and values that have established Ferretti as an undisputed leader in its field.

History and Foundation:

Founded in 1968 by brothers Alessandro and Norberto Ferretti, the shipyard is based in Forlì, Italy. With over 50 years of experience, it embodies a legacy of craftsmanship and a commitment to quality.

Product Range:

Ferretti is renowned for its diverse range of luxury yachts. The shipyard offers customized models ranging from 45 to 108 feet, with each yacht being a work of art, reflecting iconic Italian design.

Innovation and Technology:

The shipyard remains at the forefront of innovation by continually incorporating the latest technological advancements into each of its yachts. Unmatched performance results from advanced engineering and an exceptional attention to detail.

Notable Achievements:

The yachts have received numerous awards and international recognition. Fruitful collaborations with renowned designers have led to nautical masterpieces. The Ferretti 108, for instance, epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury and refinement.

World-Class Customer Service:

The shipyard places a strong emphasis on providing dedicated and personalized customer service. 24/7 availability for maintenance, repairs, and assistance ensures unmatched customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Sustainability:

The shipyard is actively committed to reducing its environmental footprint. The company prioritizes the use of sustainable materials and eco-friendly technologies. Ferretti plays an active role in the preservation of oceans and marine ecosystems.

Global Distribution Network:

Their robust distribution network covers over 80 countries worldwide. Clients benefit from unparalleled global availability and support.


Ferretti, a name synonymous with excellence in luxury yacht construction for over 50 years. The company represents the perfect fusion of Italian craftsmanship, technological innovation, and luxury design. Owning a Ferretti yacht means sailing into the future of nautical luxury.


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