Canados - Crafting Excellence in Luxury Yacht Construction

Canados – Crafting Excellence in Luxury Yacht Construction

Canados Shipyard, Cantieri Navali di Ostia, is an Italian hallmark of luxury yacht construction. With a legacy spanning over 75 years, we invite you to explore this Shipyard storied history, diverse yacht offerings, commitment to innovation, and sustainability efforts.

History and Foundation:

Canados (a contraction of Cantieri Navali di Ostia)  is located in Rome, just 7 km from the international airport of Fiumicino. Founded in 1946 by Count Giovanni Marzotto in Rome on an ex-hydroplane base, Canados Shipyard boasts a heritage steeped in nautical tradition and a relentless dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

The Italian Navy, coastguard and Italian Harbor Masters commisioned the first the first vessels built by Canados. At the time, the master carpenters who founded the cooperative that would soon become Canados quickly achieved a revered reputation worldwide.

The Product Portfolio:

The shipyard is renowned for its customized luxury yachts, expertly crafted and ranging in size from 76 to 150 feet. Each vessel embodies the timeless elegance of Italian design, delivering an unparalleled yachting experience.

Innovation and Technology:

Canados stands at the forefront of maritime innovation. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, their yachts provide extraordinary performance without compromising the art of masterful craftsmanship. Their yachts consistently earn international acclaim and awards. The Canados 120, in particular, stands as a pinnacle of perfection, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

World-Class Customer Service:

They offer an unwavering commitment to their clients. Their dedicated customer service team ensures 24/7 availability for maintenance, repairs, and assistance, resulting in customer satisfaction that knows no bounds.

Sustainability Commitment:

The CEO, Mr Michel Karsenti is resolute in reducing its environmental footprint. He is employing sustainable materials and eco-friendly technologies to contribute to the preservation of our oceans and planet.

Conclusion : 

Investing in a Canados yacht guarantees a journey filled with luxury, high performance, and support for a company that champions Italian craftsmanship, technological innovation, and environmental stewardship.

Feel free to ask any questions or request further information about Canados and its exceptional accomplishments. We’re here to provide detailed insights and assistance.

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