5 Things You Didn't Know About the Motor yacht Latitude

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Motor yacht Latitude


The Motor yacht Latitude is a demanded yacht nowadays due to its features and quality. It is a 52-metre motorised yacht designed by Benetti in Italy and delivered in 2008.

Latitude yacht’s top speed is 16.0 knots, its cruising speed is 15.0 knots, and it has a total cruise range of 5000 nautical miles at 12.0 knots, thanks to two Caterpillar diesel engines. With 14 members of the crew, the yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. The yacht has a beam of 10.4 metres and a gross tonnage of 812 GT. Latitude yacht is in the top 10% of the globe. This yacht is one of 170 motor yachts in the 50-55m size range, and the cruising speed is 0.87 km higher than the average, and its volume is 179.05 GT higher than the average.

Latitude yacht is now flying the Cayman Islands flag, the second biggest superyacht flag state, with 1256 boats recorded. This yacht is a well-known superyacht that travels around the Bahamas frequently. 

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Latitude Yacht

Are you interested in knowing about the Latitude yacht? The below points will help you understand more about the yacht, and through this, you can easily make your decision. Through this article, you will know the things about which you weren’t aware. 

The infrastructure of Latitude Yacht

This yacht has an iron hull and a metal structure, and because of its full-displacement hull, it has more onboard room and is more stable when at anchor. At freeway speeds, Latitude cruises at 12 knots and can reach a top speed of 13 knots, giving her a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles from her 36,737-litre fuel tanks. The yacht’s corner roll is reduced by an innovative stability technology onboard, providing guests great comfort at anchor or while underway.

Latitude is available with your next luxury yacht to hire all year round in the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean. Allow Latitude to take you on a journey across the Mediterranean’s amazing locations, foods, and experiences.


There are lots of facilities provided by latitude yachts. You’ll find plenty of things to keep you occupied and entertained on the yacht, including a gym with all of the newest training facilities to keep you on track. Relax in the tub on the terrace and take in the view. 

Latitude has some great amenities to help you get the most out of your cruise, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to stay connected if you want to. During your trip, you can stay cool on board no matter what the weather. 

This yacht also has a luxurious restaurant and bar, where you can have food and drinks with your family or friends. 

This yacht also provides you with a large hall for your meetings or for any family function, where you get personal space to enjoy with your family and friends. 

Aquatics gear on the ship includes motorbikes, wading boots, surfboards, floating docks, snorkelling and diver gear, and more for adrenaline seekers. Also, portable bikes are available to allow you to explore the local towns and trails at your speed.

Lavish Accommodations

The Motor yacht latitude  accommodates five members below the main deck (6 for couples with children) in a customizable arrangement, ensuring a luxurious atmosphere. The main bedroom is filled with the light source of the boat, with a centre-centred king size bed, wardrobe, lounge, and bathroom. 

On the ship’s side, a top and bottom sleeping compartment with shared washroom amenities is ideal for children ahead of the captain. Cabins are located ahead of the salon. The starboard twin bedroom has an ensuite personal lavatory and bathtub. The port bunk cabin and the mid-ship cabin will share the front port face. You can also demand an extra mattress in your room if you need more in sleeping areas and provide you with 24 hours customer service. 

Free Sports Activity 

The most amazing benefit of this cruise is that it also offers you lots of free activities and products, which you can enjoy with your friends and family. The water sports activities which they offer our waterski, Monoski, and wakeboard for both adults and teenagers. They also provide you with two folding scooters and two Piaggio scooters. You can also demand snorkelling and scuba diving equipment for your use. 

One of the most interesting activities which latitude yachts provide is Banana Boat Towable. In this water sports activity, you have to sit on a boat which is a banana shape and will tie a boat to an electric boat, which takes you to the middle of the sea at full speed. You can also enjoy this activity with your family and friends together as five-person, or less than five can sit at one time depending on the boat.   

Areas covered by the Motor yacht Latitude 

The Motor yacht Latitude yacht doesn’t cover many areas as it only travels a few places, and every place has its own more demanding yacht. Latitude yacht travels in Riviera, a beautiful city in Paris. From there it goes to Corsica, an island in France, after this you can go to Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean sea. After this, you can also go to Balearic island situated in Spain. So, this yacht only travels to four places and gives you the ultimate experience in your life.


Motor yacht Latitude yacht is the best yacht for the residents of France as it provides you with the complete holiday package to enjoy with your friends and family. This yacht provides your luxury atmosphere and complimentary drinks and water sports activities. You do not even have to bring equipment with you as we will also provide you with the equipment. Both adults and teenagers can have fun and will not feel bored as there are many things to do on a yacht. If we compare it with others, this yacht will be everyone’s first preference as the services we provide you here; no one will provide you with that. 

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